Support and FAQs

We offer unlimited, one-on-one training to new customers and to those who just want to brush up their HitPath knowledge! Contact our support team to schedule a training session.

How can we migrate our current data to HitPath?

Migrating to HitPath is easy! We can help you import your affiliates and campaigns with minimal setup. We can even help you map existing links to HitPath you don’t experience any interruptions in tracking. Contact our sales team to find out more about how we can help you make the move.

Does HitPath offer any APIs for custom integration?

From simple report downloads to advanced administrative functions, we have a variety of API tools to help automate tasks. Even your affiliates can retrieve their campaign data, suppression lists and creatives through our Affiliate API.

Can I access HitPath from my mobile device?

You can always access your stats and offers while on to go. HitPath apps are available for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to check performance and manage campaigns.

How many campaigns, advertisers, affiliates, user accounts, and creatives can I setup?

The sky’s the limit. HitPath provides unlimited campaigns, creative files, partners and internal user accounts to every customer.

What makes HitPath’s tracking so reliable?

Digital marketing is complex, so our tracking is flexible by design. HitPath combines cookie-based and cookie-less tracking methods to make sure we capture every sale and lead. Whether you want to track clicks, leads generated, sales or calls, HitPath is up to the challenge.

How can we share our suppression files with affiliates?

HitPath includes an internal list-based management system for suppression files. Just upload your lists, assign them to campaigns, and let HitPath take care of sharing the list with your affiliates and adding new opt-outs. We’ll even let you know which affiliates need to download new copies of the list.

Already using a suppression management system? HitPath integrates with Optizmo and UnsubCentral so we can use your existing lists for HitPath-tracked campaigns.