Software As a Service

Because one solution does NOT fit all, our flexible and feature rich software adapts to your precise needs

Always listening. Always evolving. Always there for you.

Your needs are as unique as your business. What truly sets us apart from the competition is our ability to precisely cater to what makes your business distinctive. It’s nothing new to us — that’s how we built our software from the start. We realized that without being flexible and feature-rich, we simply would not be able to attract AND retain the right clients. Listening and collecting feedback from clients every day is what allows us to produce and release the right set of tools our clients need to keep their businesses sharply attuned to industry shifts.

HitPath Managed Services

Leverage our staff’s knowledge of the software to expedite the administration of your network. Run a lean and efficient operation while maintaining a high level of control over the execution of all the tasks that would normally require you to have a dedicated and expensive workforce.

HitPath Agency Services

Help your clients grow their online sales at affordable, scalable rates. HitPath staff can manage all aspects of affiliate partner and product campaign management, so you can offer clients increased services and value without increases to your overhead costs.

Managed and Agency Services are available in four different month-to-month packages to provide an easy way for you to modulate how little or how far you want to leverage our staff. Please ask for pricing and a consultation. It takes seconds to set up and you can be operational within 24 hours.

Advertiser Management

  • Compliance And Brand Protection
  • Custom Application Form
  • Advertiser Facing Reporting Interface
  • Custom Universal Pixels
  • Suppression Management

Campaign Management

  • Multivariant Sales Capping
  • Event Tracking
  • Device, Landing Page And Geo Targeting
  • Traffic Isolation Via Vanity Tracking Domains™
  • Suppression Data Syndication

Communication Tools

  • Campaign Sales Cap Alerts
  • Affiliate Newsletters
  • Real-Time Pixel Chat™ for support needs
  • Direct Inbox Messaging with affiliates
  • Integrated CMS for internal notes on affiliates, campaigns, etc…

Accounting Tools

  • Quickbook Integration
  • Advertiser & Affiliate Reconciliation
  • Affiliate Payment Groups
  • Quick Pay affiliates according to varied paid schedules
  • Payment Bonuses for affiliates

Affiliate Management

  • Custom Payout
  • Affiliate Application Fraud Detection
  • Vanity Tracking Domain
  • Affiliate API
  • Third Party Pixel Management

Reporting Engine

  • Global Multi Level Real-Time Reportingv
  • Device & Event Reporting
  • Optout Trends Reporting
  • Trend Reporting Dashboard
  • Reporting Dashboard

Creative Management

  • Multi Media Creative Library with email, banners, rich media and text
  • Creative Packager™
  • Ad Rotator
  • Hosted Content with click to call integration
  • Compliance Documents

System Management

  • Custom user roles within the software
  • Power Execution Language (PXL™) command line tool
  • Modular dashboard
  • System-wide API
  • HitPath Mobile App

Maintain the proper compliance chain and protect your brand while properly tracking all your sales.

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We release updates to the software on a weekly basis in order to stay relevant within a fast paced industry.


Tracking and reporting technology which truly allows you to go beyond cookie cutter attribution tracking commonly found in the industry.